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2019 All-Conference Team

2019 SLIAC PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Paige Cooley, Principia College
2019 SLIAC NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: Greer Sprague, Principia College
2019 SLIAC COACH OF THE YEAR: Brett Brannon, Greenville University
2019 TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: Fontbonne University

SLIAC First Team All-Conference
Singles Player School
#1 Paige Cooley Principia College
#2 Madison Watts Webster University
#3 Greer Sprague Principia College
#4 Courtney Blaser Greenville University
#5 Annie Bellinger Greenville University
#6 Samantha Siefken Greenville University
Doubles Player School
#1 Paige Cooley Principia College
  Gabby Kitchingman  
#2 Maggie Federhofer Webster University
  Emma Ferguson  
#3 Annie Bellinger Greenville University
  Maddi Walsh  
SLIAC Second Team  
Singles Player School
#1 Sydney Attebery Westminster College
#2 Clara Baldwin Westminster College
#3 Maggie Federhofer Webster University
#4 Hallie Jones Principia College
#5 Navonne Armstrong Webster University
#6 Sarah Switzer Principia College
Doubles Player School
#1 Sara Rice Webster University
  Madison Watts  
#2 Bailey Pearce Greenville University
  Emma Wieland  
#3 Navone Armstrong Webster University
  Addie Struckman  
SLIAC All-SportsmanshipTeam
  Player School
  Erica Bechtold Blackburn College
  Emily Bay Fontbonne University
  Emma Wieland Greenville University
  Paige Cooley Principia College
  Addie Struckman Webster University
  Sydney Attebery Westminster College