Westminster College

Quick Facts

Location: Fulton, MO 65251
Founded: 1851
President: Dr. Fletcher Lamkin
Enrollment: 957

Colors: Navy, Carolina Blue, White
Nickname: Blue Jays
Joined SLIAC: 1990

Women's SLIAC Sports: (8) - Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball
Men's SLIAC Sports: (7) - Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field

Other Sports: Women - (2) - Lacrosse and Wrestling Men - (2) - Football and Wrestling

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Institutional Website
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Contact Information

Athletics Address: 501 Westminster Avenue, Fulton, MO 65251
Athletics Telephone: (573) 592-5200
Athletics Fax: (573) 592-5366


Director of Athletics: Matt Mitchell
Senior Woman Administrator: Kirsten Carney
Sports Information Director: Kirsten Carney
Athletic Trainer: Josh Thompson
Faculty Athletics Representative: Dr. Karen Tompson-Wolfe


Name Title Phone Email
G. Barney Forsythe President 573-592-5315 barney.forsythe@westminster-mo.edu
Stephanie Krauth Athletics Direct Report 573-592-5240 stephanie.krauth@westminster-mo.edu
Karen Tompson-Wolfe Faculty Athletics Representative 573-592-5304 karen.tompsonwolfe@westminster-mo.edu
Matt Mitchell Director of Athletics 573-592-5301 matt.mitchell@westminster-mo.edu
Kristen Ely Senior Woman Administrator 573-592-5334 kristen.ely@westminster-mo.edu
Alysha Hodge SID 573-592-5302 alysha.hodge@westminster-mo.edu
Josh Thompson Athletic Trainer 573-592-5332 josh.thompson@westminster-mo.edu
Sabrena Lary Asst. Athletic Trainer 573-592-5861 sabrena.lary@westminster-mo.edu
Kristen Ely Compliance Officer 573-592-5334 kristen.ely@westminster-mo.edu
Sabrena Lary SAAC Advisor 573-592-5861 sabrena.lary@westminster-mo.edu
Denny Hughes Baseball Coach 573-592-5333 denny.hughes@westminster-mo.edu
Tracey Braden Women's Basketball Coach 573-592-5345 tracey.braden@westminster-mo.edu
Matt Mitchell Men's Basketball Coach 573-592-5301 matt.mitchell@westminster-mo.edu
Dave Tobey Cross Country Coach 573-592-5279 david.tobey@westminster-mo.edu
Ky Millard Men's Golf Coach 573-592-5186 ky.millard@westminster-mo.edu
Jen Dyson Women's Soccer Coach 573-592-5377 jen.dyson@westminster-mo.edu
Martin Clayes Men's Soccer Coach 573-592-6001 martin.clayes@westminster-mo.edu
Shelli Manson Softball Coach 573-592-5328 shelli.manson@westminster-mo.edu
David Dyson Women's Tennis Coach 573-592-5331 david.dyson@westminster-mo.edu
David Dyson Men's Tennis Coach 573-592-5331 david.dyson@westminster-mo.edu
Jim Marshall Track & Field Coach 573-592-5279 james.marshall2@westminster-mo.edu
Kristen Ely Volleyball Coach 573-592-5334 kristen.ely@westminster-mo.edu