SLIAC Post Graduate Scholarship


About the Scholarship


The St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Post Graduate Scholarship is presented to two graduating senior student-athletes each year.  Student-athletes are nominated by their institution’s Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), must have earned two varsity letters in a sport in which the Conference sponsors a Championship and have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale).

Scholarship recipients are selected through a vote of the Conference FARs and receive a scholarship during their first two years of postgraduate studies.




2002-03 Joni Dorf, Greenville Kevin Bartow, Maryville
2003-04 Maureen Walterbach, Maryville Brady Barke, Webster
2004-05 Christine Basden, Maryville Stephen Hoell, Westminster
2005-06 Maria Eftink, Fontbonne Greg Murphy, Webster
2006-07 Vanda Wilder, Maryville Ryan Duncan, Maryville
2007-08 Michelle Reale, Fontbonne Tyler Tate, Maryville
2008-09 Rachael Richards, Principia Jason Warncke, Westminster
2009-10 Laura Watt, Blackburn Shanna Crafts, Westminster
2010-11 Kelli Ruppel, MacMurray Aaron Phelan, Eureka
2011-12 Rachel Backes, Westminster William Boxdorfer, Fontbonne
2012-13 Casey Powell, Principia Ethan Kristek, Fontbonne
2013-14 Leigh Ann Lutz, Westminster Derek Crouch, MacMurray
2014-15 Jenny Howard, Webster Matt Dillard, Eureka
2015-16 Kasey Gatson, Westminster Jared Jones, Blackburn
2016-17 Andrea Zalis, Westminster Glenn Teubner, Westminster
2017-18 Darby Massner, Iowa Wesleyan Shane Witters Hicks, Principia
2018-19 Heidi Gundy, Westminster Matt Tossick, Fontbonne