Five In A Row For MacMurray

Five In A Row For MacMurray

MacMurray College kept alive their stretch of SLIAC/SAAC Service Award wins, winning their fifth consecutive overall title. Since the conference first instituted this award in 2013, MacMurray is the only school to take home the end of the year award. MacMurray compiled a conference record 38,517 total points this year thanks to efforts working with local churches and schools as well as various clothing and money drives. 

Iowa Wesleyan University finished in second place, with a total of 28,928 points; a point total that would have won last year's competition. The Tigers jumped out to an early lead in the race for the conference award with a record 20,791 points in the fall semester. 

Principia College had their highest ever finish in the award race, finishing in third place with 20,220 points. Principia student-athletes made weekly trips to the Alton Boys and Girls Club throughout the 2017-18 academic calendar. 

Overall the ten SLIAC members combined for 127,855 points this year, nearly doubling last year's totals. In addition, nine schools increased their point total from the previous year. Schools accumulate points based on a formula set by the SAAC committee. That formula includes 10 points per student-athlete for each hour of community service, 5 points for every donation item collected, 1 point for every dollar raised, and 1 point for every 2 cans collected. All collections go to local area shelters while money raised during the conference's Coaches vs. Cancer competition goes directly to The Hope Lodge, an extension of the American Cancer Society.

SLIAC/SAAC Challenge
School   Fall   Winter   Spring   Total
MacMurray   18,321   11,022   9,174   38,517
Iowa Wesleyan   20,791   6,956   1,181   28,928
Principia   13,140   4,480   2,600   20,220
Fontbonne   6,450   4,016   840   11,306
Webster   8,536   678   358   9,572
Greenville   1,500   3,771   ---   5,271
Blackburn   2,440   1,638   ---   4,078
Eureka   310   ---   3,500   3,810
Spalding   10   ---   3,460   3,470
Westminster   700   1,273   710   2,683